June 7-9th, Paris, France

Scientific/Organizing Committee

  • Hirbod Assa, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Milton Boyd, University of Manitoba, CANADA
  • Henry Douche, SCOR, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  • Junsheng Li, Central University of Finance and Economics, CHINA
  • Brock Porth, University of Manitoba, CANADA
  • Lysa Porth, University of Manitoba, CANADA
  • Fanny Rosset, SCOR, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  • Ken Seng Tan, University of Waterloo, CANADA
  • Calum Turvey, Cornell University, USA
  • Jean Webster, University of Waterloo, WATERLOO
  • Joshua Woodard, Cornell University, USA
  • Wenjun Zhu, Nankai University, CHINA

Any inquiry should be sent to IARFIC@cias-cufe.org

Current conference: 2017         Past conferences: 2015 2014 2013 2012