June 16-18, 2013, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Academics and practitioners are invited to submit papers or extended abstracts (in English) in all areas of agriculture, with a focus on risk, finance, insurance, and other actuarial issues. If only submitting an abstract, it should be at least 3 pages. The deadline for a paper or extended abstract submission is extended to April 1, 2013, and decisions will be communicated to authors no later than AApril 15, 2013. Jointly authored papers should be submitted by the person who will present the paper if it is accepted. Please email your paper or extended abstract to IARFIC@cias-cufe.org.


High-quality papers presented at the conference can be submitted for consideration to be published in the Special issue of Agricultural Finance Review. All papers will be subject to the journal review process. The deadline for submitting the full paper is October 31, 2013.

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