June 22-24, 2014 Zurich, Switzerland

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Part of a strong financial community

Allianz Group is one of the strongest financial communities in the world with a premium income of 106.4 bn Euro in 2012. Allianz Re as the Group's Reinsurer is an active and contributing part of this community.

Based on the financial strength of Allianz and with a global scope, Allianz Re provides reinsurance solutions for clients inside Allianz Group and outside. Global reach, extensive technical and analytical skills, high financial security and customized solutions backed by stable capacity are the foundation of our business.


Within Agriculture, Allianz Group writes the subclasses crop, forestry, livestock, aquaculture and bloodstock in three main insurance product groups: Indemnity based, index based and crop revenue products. Allianz' overall insurance premium volume in this sector is 610 Mio Euro (Global market 18bn Euro). Allianz Re's agricultural premium volume is 130 Mio Euro (Global market 3.5 bn Euro).

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