June 7-9th, Paris, France


"All participant will need to leave an ID with picture at the reception in order to enter the building. No exceptions will be made."

"The venue of the conference where the presentations will be held is at the headquarters of SCOR SE."


5, Avenue Kléber

75795 Paris Cedex 16



Instruction on getting to SCOR headquarters (map_scor.pdf)

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The pre-conference reception (6-8pm on June 7) and gala dinner (starting at 7.30pm on June 8) will be held at the following restaurant:

Le Bistrot de Paris

33 rue de Lille

75007 Paris, France

Metro Station: Bac

RER Station: Musee D-Orsay

Current conference: 2017         Past conferences: 2015 2014 2013 2012